Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Call me sentimental...

Jackie Evancho - "I See The Light" from Columbia Records on Vimeo.
But I love their voices, I love this song, and I LOVE the way these two love each other so clearly.  :-)  They are brother and sister, both with amazing voices!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Swimming and Running!

I thought September would be slower than our summer was.  So far that has been a false idea.  :-)
Swimming with dear friends at their grandparents pool, and running/participating in a 5k for Lifeline (un)adopted have been on the list.  And our month isn't slowing down!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear BSA,

Dear Boy Scouts of America, 

103 years ago the history of America was changed forever.  Families were concerned that the young men of America were no longer learning about patriotism and the love of their country.  Someone had the idea to gather boys together and teach them self reliance, patriotism, and survival skills.  As ideas will do, this one grew.  One person spoke to another who spoke to another.  One thing led to another and we were given the BSA or the Boy Scouts of America.  103 years ago.

 Years of work and days of dedication will carry a young scout through all of his ranks, on the road to Eagle Scout.  Eagle is the highest attainable rank in Scouting.  To earn this rank a Scout must show leadership and maturity, earn 21 Merit Badges, teach younger scouts, learn first aid, hold a leadership position in the troop, and become a man of courage and might. 

 While the BSA has shied away from leaning totally on God, He is present in every bit of Scouting.  He is in their oath (a Scout is Reverent) and He is in their history.  Every year many great Christian boys have become men, and claimed the rank of Eagle Scout.  This rank was a sign of great work and hard work.  Something to attain and be proud of.   I have to say, after attending a Court of Honor for Ryan's troop I decided that every guy should strive to BE an Eagle, and every girl should strive to MARRY an Eagle.  :-)
But, Boy Scouts of America, on May 23, 2013 you turned your back on God and on His laws.  We as Christians are put in a hard position - to love and accept or leave.  But there is a time to love and a time to hate (Ecclesiastes 3:8) and we have chosen that you have taken your stand and now we will take ours. 
But as we take our stand, know this, you have taken a heritage of Scouting from Michael - and all the other brothers who wanted to fill the shoes of those who have gone before them.  From now on the salute and the kacki uniform and the green sash will be a sad reminder of compromising and the tale it leaves behind.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tiny Attendees!

Aren't they adorable!!!!???