Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank You All

Thank you all (friends and family both) who have made my birthday special with your posts and comments. I thank you all!!!

For an update on my collected family members thoughts about me, see the list below. For my birthday I got a wonderful treat. Our friends down the road pressed the sorghum and we all got to go. That was a huge blessing and SUCH fun!!! Photos are coming.

Mommy's Post

Rachel's Post

Erin's Post

Emily's Post

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Smiles for a Rainy Day... here at least

We were howling through these. Hope you all like them as well!!!

The Kids!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barn Dance - MORE PHOTOS!!

The Chicken Dance - here it was called the Turkey Walk or something like that!

These photos were taken by the Miller family. Much thanks to them for getting things we missed. Especially more of the music. I missed almost all of the music and was most vexed about it.

Square Dance

We did not get many good photos this year so most of these were taken by Mrs. Kathy Brodock at Teaching Good Things. Her post about unsocialized homeschoolers was wonderful. Please read it.

First of all there was a pie contest. Rachel and Jamie entered a blueberry pie that won Third Prize in the Berry Category. (You can see their pie on the left... #202)

Erin and Sarah entered a Toll House Pie. Unfortunately, they did not place, but it sure was good.

There was lots of square dancing and we would have footage of it, but the videographer was dancing!!!

The Carrells preformed bluegrass and it was so good!

Also, the Travers and some other boys who jumped in there!

Lots of food is needed to feed 400 people!!!

The line was SO long.

Fellowship is so sweet with all your friends!

Some of the sweet friends who got this all together!

Rachel who never fails to be happy at a social event!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I think I would be worried...

Are you worried?

(Erin, by the way, means Peaceful One.)

Pies and Fertilizer

We went to our friend's house Saturday for the annual Barn Dance. (Pictures coming) Before we left, Rachel and Jamie, and Erin and Sarah made pies to enter in the pie contest. While they were doing that Mommy, Daddy, and Ryan were shoveling... um... fertilizer out of the trailer. (For the city slickers reading this blog that is horse manure.) :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Art

Erin explained to me that the "pros" take pictures of random things for their books and portfolios. So, she and Ryan decided to try their hand at it.

pools of melted wax

Birthday Season!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Music Loving Family x 10

Ours is probably one of the few places you can hear; Irish Washerwoman, Bach's Third Cello Suite (on the piano), Red Haired Boy, and Amazing Grace going at the same time. Oh, and Erin likes to throw Row Row your Boat in.

Music is fun, pretty, but sometimes a little annoying!!! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food for Thought!!!

I found this in a book I was reading the other day. Tears of a Dragon by Bryan Davis the fourth in the Dragons in Our Midst Series. I thought the words were sweet and went well with my dad and brothers. Also my mom and sisters. What do you all think!! Jess

A boy dreams with a sword in his hand. A girl gives him reason to draw it from it's scabbard, and she infuses him with the power to charge into battle.

This book is for every boy, even those who are now wrinkled and gray, who feels his heart race and his spine tingle every time a sword is drawn to conquer an enemy. Although, many of us often feel weak, when our women and children are in danger, we transform into mighty warriors.

This book is for every girl, even those who have given birth to boys and girls of their own, who feels her heart swell when she mends up her wounded man and sends him back out, fully charged and ready for battle for the sake of righteousness. Without you our swords would rust in their scabbards.

...a good man draws his sword for only one reason, to protect his wife and children.