Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once in a blue moon...

Have you ever heard that saying and wondered, "What in the world does that mean?"

I know I have!! I wonder when I read it in a book and when I hear people say it.

Well last night was not only a full moon, it was a blue moon. Now, what is a blue moon?

A couple of things it is NOT:

1. It is NOT blue

2. It has NOTHING to do with being the last moon of the year

Instaed, it is when we have TWO full moons in the same month!!

How cool is that?

Oldest Sister

Note: This photo was taken by Oldest Sister. It was NOT taken last night, but we did not get any good shots last night... hence this photo!

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I've never told this story but it needs to be told, so here goes... It looks like a lot of writing but bear with me it's worth it.
Mommy said:"Erin will you make bread?"
I say "Sure!"
I go inside and set to work well whilst making the bread and grinding the wheat I say to myself
{I say things to myself a lot}
"What would happen if I took the wheat berries and but them and some water in the glass measuring cup and put them in the microwave and try to cook them like we do rice???"

Well I forgot one emportant thing we cover the rice and we do it in the convection OVEN.
NOT the microwave.
Well some where around 3 minutes I checked on my "wheat rice" well it turns out all the water had evaporated and it was starting to smell just a tad like POPCORN!!!
"Splendid!" Says I to myself. "I will make popwheat!!!"

So I left it in for oh say 5 more minutes and that's when things REALLY got going.
Well first Mommy came in and said "Um.. Erin what's that smell???"

I guess I had gotten used to it because I didn't smell it but it was burning and there was smoke coming out and all.

Well I took it outside and we all stared at it and then Jess said "It looks like it's on fire."
here it goes from bad to worse.
"Hmmm..." I says to me-self "Best remedy that!" So I went and got same nice cold water to put on it and I did and suddenly there was a cracking noise and the glass measuring cup broke into tiny pieces and is no more.
Later my EXTREMELY understanding mother explained to me that sometimes it is best to NOT add COLD water to HOT glass containers.
So to finish up the story I think I'm supposed to get Mom a new measuring cup for Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ashokan Farewell - Plaintively

Plaintively. That is how it says to play it. No comment. For me that is the last thing I will worry about. First I will learn the notes. And then the grace notes. And now the eighth notes. Which ALWAYS get me. And then the "Plaintively" part. But never fear I shall get it and then you will be surprised.


One more!

Imagine you are an idiot...

Now imagine you are a congressman...

But I repeat myself!

Mark Twain


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christ Family

End of this weeks quotes!

Next week we are on to Robert E. Lee. He was a wonderful guy to quote!!!

See you next week


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Violin Lessons!

We played, we talked (unbelievable I know!!!), and we laughed. Once again we strengthened our friendship doing one of my very favorite things... playing violin/fiddle. We are working on - Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel and Ashokan Farewell. VERY fun!!

Photography by Maestro

Quote of the Day

It is error alone that needs the support of government.
Truth can stand by itself

Thomas Jefferson


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security, will deserve neither and lose both. Ben Franklin


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For a limited time only Generation Cedar is selling the precious gift sets they are famous for!
Trust me I got to smell them and they smell wonderful!

Nurtured By Nature
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(Limited availability)

Click here to buy Generation Cedar's Christmas ONLY products right NOW.

Quote of the Day

Always take a good look at what you are about to eat It's not so important to know what it IS, but it is critical to know what it WAS.


Monday, December 14, 2009

I know we've seen a few to many Jane Austin type movies when...

I know we've seen a few to many Jane Austin type movies when my little sister tells me she is not hungry so she will not be down for breakfast but she might take a little something in her room later on.
Publish Post

Quote of the Day

There is nothing opened by mistake more often the mouth


Sunday, December 13, 2009

If I had a husband...

This is an old story for some people, but I just had to pull it out of the archives and tell it again!

Yesterday our church had a picnic at a local park. We were in charge of setting up so we were the first ones there. When we got there were some "trick teeth" (you know the kind where you pop them in and it looks like your teeth rotted out? Why people think that is funny I don't know.) Well anyway Sarah saw them and looked at Mommy. "If I had a husband right now," she said, "I would put those in and tell him I knocked my teeth out playing on the playground!"

Oh the joy of a little sister! I love Sarah


The NEW chrismas song.

Erin was so kind as to make us a play list for Green Gardening Girl. When I went on to listen I was amazed to hear Viva la Vida playing! Was I imagining it? No! Erin has aparently excepted Viva la Vida as a new Christmas song.

So everyone needs to vote on the side bar... is Viva la Vida a Christmas song? Yes or No!

LURKERS you know who you are! You are expected to vote as well!

Quote Day

Wisdom Comes in two parts:

1 Having a lot to say

2 Not saying it


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Wonderful Deal

This is another lady we love, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear this c.d.! It was beautiful! She wrote and sang all the songs herself. They are straight from the Word of God and they are beautiful. You have to hear them. They are great sing alongs!!! Also great gifts for moms!! HINT!

Click here to view more details

Wonderful Deal!!

If you are a mother or a daughter who loves to cook or decorate, but doesn't know where to begin I reccomend you try this great place! This sweet lady has DVDs on cake decorating, crocheting, and quilting! Plus other stuff. This lady is actually the lady we learned to decorate from. We caught on in the first lesson as she was so easy to take from!!

And right now she is offering a one time deal!

Order this DVD before December 24th and not only do you get

free shipping and free gift wrapping,

but you also get a free copy of the

Tools and Tips for cake decorating E-book for FREE!

A $9.97 value!

Click here to visit Teaching Good Things.

Play-list info

I have posted a Christmas play-list on our blogs.
So how do you like them???

Preparing the garden...

As fall draws to a close and the days get colder and colder the garden dies back. Slow at first then faster, till nothing is left. Where your tall green plants where but a short time before there is merely soil. Dirt. Nothing. But beneath the crust of the cold soil, it is not quite as dead as you think. Of course the plants are dead, but the earthworms, the bugs, and the bacteria are alive and happy. They need food and warmth. The are decomposing your dead tomato plants and any other substance they find. To work with them to enrich your garden before spring follow some basic steps...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Okay I thought on that one question about what I would like and the answer is a viola:):):)

A Tag Post By Erin

Six Names You Go By?
  • E.T.(My middle name is Taylor)
  • Achoo(Um.. that's what Jamie called me when she was little)
  • And I just recently informed my sisters that I wanted to be called Meastro
  • Erin
  • Erin
  • Erin
  • Erin
  • & Erin
Three things you are wearing right now?
  • A denim skirt
  • A blue LONG SLEEVED shirt
  • My 5sizestolarge galoshes
Three things you want very badly right now?
  • A cello
  • A camera one of those ones with manual focus
  • And um.. I'll think on that last one

Three things you did last night/yesterday

  • Played violin
  • Cleaned my room
  • Finished Wives and Daughters - the movie

Two things you ate yesterday?

  • Pancakes with peanut-butter
  • Cookies

Two people you last talked to on the phone

  • My Grandmother, GG
  • Daddy

Two things you are going to do today

  • Play violin
  • Play piano

Your three favorite beverages

  • Water
  • Hot un-sweet tea with milk
  • Iced sweet tea Now I'm supposed to tag eight more people but there ain't no one I think Jess got them all but if we didn't tag you and you want to be tagged y'all let me know


Three things you are wearing right now?
  • My favorite green wool skirt
  • My black shirt
  • My fuzzy warm socks (because my feet are FREEZING!!!)
Three things you want very badly right now?
  • For God to provide work for my dad
  • For God to continue to protect us from getting sick with ANYTHING!
  • For God to help Daddy fix the heat!

Three things you did last night/yesterday

  • played outside with the dogs
  • Read
  • Finished Wives and Daughters - the movie

Two things you ate yesterday?

  • Salad wraps
  • spaghetti

Two people you last talked to on the phone

Two things you are going to do today

  • Go to the thrift store
  • Make homemade Christmas gifts

Your three favorite beverages

  • Water
  • Sprite
  • Tea - sweet


Thursday, December 10, 2009

My View from the Tower

what do i see from the tower?

our life

what is our life exactly?
nothing but,

our life

laughter and tears
joy and sadness
trouble and affliction
peace and prosperity

our life

twenty feet
twenty hands

our life


I'm Gettin' One of These Someday So Look Out

Posted By Erin

There's a new movie in the making

There is a movie that is quickly taking shape!!! We are very excited.

Does anyone want to guess the time period?

We are hoping to start production/filming in March!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our House!

Only in our house would I hear my sister say, "I'm going to go shake the laundry outside." Don't ask.

And in defense of her, only in our house would I feel free to reply, "Okay".

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's Go!!!!!

This is when Ryan And Daddy went To the race-car track
And this is one of the car's that raced.

Guest post - The Right

Let not one man among us...
Lose his


Go Erin!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guest post - The Maestro

Guest Post
Courtesy of A Picture's Worth

Need I say more?

All you need is a violin, a rubber band, a Santa hat, and (last but certainly NOT least)


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent 1

Well today WE start Advent. Sunday was officially the first Sunday in Advent, but to day is December 1st! So... there will be a post later about it! :)