Friday, July 30, 2010

Some of the Competition

Uncovering Truth from Oak Mountain Productions

An entrant in the 2010 Plants and Pillars Film Festival

This is one of the entrants to the 2010 Plants and Pillars Film Festival. It was made by friends of ours and topped our time!! Their film runs at 1 hour while ours is a measly 40 minutes!!! Have fun!


Little Sleepy Head

He goes and goes!

And then he gets tired!

And when it is time to sleep. IT IS TIME TO SLEEP PEOPLE!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lessons from the Kitchen Sink part 3


All children should learn to work. In life you have to work. The sooner you learn that the more you enjoy working. Work is fulfilling. You feel better afterwords and you have accomplished something. The Lord created us to work.

You should always undertake to do something that moves the family forward. You should never waste your time on something that will be thrown away. Do something that builds them up.


Teaching Good Things post

Mrs. Brodock at Teaching Good Things posted about our chore system and I thought you all might be interested in seeing.
Please note: Our life is not perfect. Our chore system is not perfect. We do not seek to embarrass you or say we are better than others, but to encourage you.


The following was written by my dear friend Nancy. Nancy and her children always encourage me with their positive attitudes and cheerful dispositions. Nancy and her husband have such a great sense of humor, I love to just sit back and listen to them. Nancy and I once laughed how we were at the same Rick Springfield concert when we were teens… isn’t funny how God redeemed both of us and caused us to become friends 20 some years later. Not only did He redeem us but He put in our hearts to advance the Kingdom with our husbands, through homemaking and children. God is good!

First I will say that chores is an ever changing event in our home. Didn’ t one woman say the job expands to fill the time. When my kids were little, we had assigned days. Each person helped on his day doing little jobs and spending time with mom. Now that we have older children in our home, we find that chores look different.
Right now in our home,... Read more at Teaching Good Things


Sweet sweet Emily! Today she turns 13. She is a teenager. She is an young adult and she is a beautiful young lady. Here are 13 things about our sweet girl.

  1. When Jamie was a baby she called her "MeMe" It stuck. I still call her that.
  2. Her middle name is Grace. It suits her perfectly.
  3. She plays violin and piano.
  4. She is a wonderful artists. Her baby dragons are so round and cuddly I could hug them.
  5. Her sweet disposition is a joy to all of us.
  6. She loves her huge oversized Golden Retriever/ Lab mix.
  7. She reads anything she can and she reads fast.
  8. She likes her school work.
  9. *At the age of two she proudly talked about all the things her "other mother" would let her do. (Ex. Stay up late, eat ice cream before bed, watch TV)
  10. When she was three our friends loved to ask her what her name was, she always replied "Emily". And then when asked her name, "3"
  11. Again at the age of two, she acquired a small wart on her thumb. When the tree men came to remove a tree in our yard, she proudly introduced herself by holding up her thumb and proclaiming, "I have a wart!"
  12. When she was 8 she made a canning jar into a piggy bank and gave it to our grandfather. When asked what he was supposed to do with it she replied, "Fill it up and give it back!"
  13. She has a sweet, gentle, and loving spirit. The man who wins her hand and heart has won a treasure.

I love you MeMe,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily...In Advance

Lessons from the Kitchen Sink part 2


I like washing dishes. I like taking a dirty filthy dish and soaping it down. As you scrub the soap you feel the dirt and grime coming off, but there is no proof. The dirty food and water collect in the bottom of the dish and you have to trust. You have no proof the dish is looking better. You can not see the suds.

And then you turn on the water. You pick up the dish. And you run it under the water. Slowly at first and then faster the suds, dirt, and food wash away. Before you is a dish. It is slick with clean water. Now you turn the water to cold and feel the cold water rush around your hands and through the bowl. Have you noticed how things feel better cold and wet?

So has the love of the Lord washed us. So that we can be as white as snow and beautiful to his eyes.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons from the Kitchen Sink

I like washing dishes. If I moan and groan about it, it is only the sheer magnitude of washing dishes for a family of 10. We eat all our meals together at the table, we eat of plastic plates, and we serve our food in beautiful dishes. (Most days ☺)

Anyway, I decided to day that there are many things you can learn from dish washing. The first is gratitude. After that there is salvation and work-ethic. To name a few.

Today is gratitude... I realized while washing the dishes that I could be thankful I have 7 siblings, that we have parents that love us enough to share their life with us, that we have a house, sink, soap, and warm water. (Even though Rachel can not believe I use warm water during July)

What can you be grateful for?


Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Trailers

You can see these films if you come to the Festival!!!

Here is the official trailer for Common Ground. See what you think!!


Here is the trailer for Jamie's movie. Jamie is 8 years old and she wrote the script, filmed, and edited it ALL by herself.

Didn't she do great??


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Filming With the Boyds

This was SO much fun!! I loved every minute of it!
Sarah - Mrs. Martin - She was wonderful! Her scene where she has to be crying was beautiful. And her lines were flawless.. right Sarah?

Michael - Mr. Woodwind and Mr. Martin - He was at the last minute double cast. He did not know that until literally the last minute!! Well done Michael.

Allie - The Woodwind's maid - Perfect Allie. I love your scene. She was the easiest to work with I think as she did what I asked. She said what needed to be said and she only cracked up once.

Hannah - Mrs. Woodwind - After Hannah giggled her nervesness out of herself she was perfect. She sipped out of an empty teacup more than I could have. She said her lines and smiled. She looked like the perfect married lady.

Caleb - Soldier One - He was wonderful... until he got tickled. I love the blooper where the soldiers take off after the girls. Caleb's hat was dirty so he stayed behind to brush it off!!! He was wonderful.

Josh - Soldier Two - Josh was hilarious, and a wonderful sodier. His ringing cry of, "Stop in the name of the King" is marvelous. When Josh would finally settle down he was great.

Seth and Sam - Soldiers Three and Four - I have to do them together because they were together. They were matching Red shirts and guns. They were perfect. In the movie their comrades get shot and they must run. They did. They ran when they were supposed to and they were sweet about it.

Well done Boyd kids!! However, tell Stephen he is not getting off so easy next time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What do you think?

I believe this is the theme for our new movie!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wood and Denim

I am having an Erin moment here on the blog, but I loved the way this photo turned out. A little blur and little color change and wala! A new look!


Look At That Face!!

Doesn't this thing look weird. "Martians attacking"

It looks like a bumble bee gone bad!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Production Stills

Low quality I know, but the memories are there! Click for larger views!!

Fun Family Fotos For Fun

Unloaded wheat... and then took a nap!! What a great life.

Okay, I know I am a sinner and I have been filling this blog with boring stuff. So here are some fun pictures for you to look at and laugh at. Jess


We are making our new movie Common Ground. 19 days to go!! :) Oh dear. :(

Isn't she pretty? For once she was in front of the camera!!

The dynamic duo

We went to a friend's garden and they let us pick corn, corn, corn, and more corn. And also some beans.

How was that?