Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Series: Day One

Question 1 was "What is a book you have always wanted to read, but never have?" 

Haha, thank you Hayley for this convicting question. :) Without a doubt, this would have to be Mere Christianity by C S Lewis. I have always wanted to read it and have started it several times.  However, for reasons that escape me, I never have finished it. 

So that's my new goal: read Mere Christianity before 2015. ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Need Questions!

Hey Everybody!

We're almost to October... which is my favorite month for many reasons.  One of which is it's my birthday month.  :-)

In the past, to celebrate my birthday, I've done a blog tag with questions and answered them.  But this year I don't have a tag to do.  So y'all are going to make one.

I need all my blog readers to submit 1-3 questions for me to answer through the month of October to celebrate my birthday.

Make them fun, or serious, or unique... just not too personal.  ;-)

This is for ALL my readers.  Leave a comment with your questions, or email me... whichever you prefer.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a Brother is Supposed to Be

 Ryan, 15 years ago, you became my first brother.  
And in many ways you've been the "older brother" I never had, but always wanted.  

Without you, I would be lost.  As Opie Taylor said, "she's helpless".  

I helped teach you to walk, and now you can out run me on the soccer field.  I helped you learn to read, and now you're taller than I am.  I pushed you in the stroller, and now you are my partner on the dance floor.  I remember when you said your first words, and now your humor makes me laugh until I cry.  I used to be able to carry you, and now I depend on you to protect me.

Ryan, in someways you'll always be my little brother, no matter how tall you get.  But when Jamie, Sarah, and Michael look up at you...

A brother is supposed to be Captain America to his sisters.  You are supposed to be our team mate, dance partner, best friend, and partner in crime.  And you are.  You are all that and more.  You're an awesome brother!!!

I love you buddy!