Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And now for a laugh...

...and a smile.


A Epic has Ended

A Epic has ended in our house.

We had four dogs - Maggie, Choco, Kate, and Riley

And we had four cats - Lacy, Susan, Callie, and CoCo.

Until, five days ago... when CoCo disappeared. He was fat, lazy, and the best cat we ever had... hands down.

I can't quite believe he is gone. It doesn't seem real. He was always willing to be petted when I went outside and now he is no longer there.

Maybe we will find him, until then... we miss you CoCo.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I love this little guy!


Friday, November 26, 2010

17 things about me and 20 things I am thankful for

This post is long overdue, but here are 17 things about me and 20 things I am thankful for!

  1. I was the first baby my mom had ever held.
  2. For different reasons, I could have died at birth if not for the doctors.
  3. I love animals of all kinds and I love being around them
  4. I play piano and I love it so much
  5. I play violin and I love it too!
  6. I really love filmmaking.
  7. I started reading when I was three.
  8. I read all the time, I am reading Our Mutual Friend right now.
  9. I love BBC dramas like Bleak House and Cranford
  10. I have green eyes - all of us do except Sarah and Michael
  11. I am right handed - We always wanted to be left handed like our dad, but...
  12. I am left eyed.
  13. I love to cook and make up recipes.
  14. I do not like to speak in public
  15. I am sometimes afraid to do new things, but I Can Do ALL Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
  16. I look just like my dad, especially when he was young
  17. I love my family so much!

Twenty things will come later.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

And Can It Be from Plants and Pillars Productions on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I don't usually post utubes, because I don't want to be responsible for what you might see on utube. However, this was to good to skip!

In Him, Jessica

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A LIttle Boy

There once was a little boy,
the eighth child in the house.
And every time they looked at him they said,
"Who is like the Lord?"

For eight long years had there only been
one little brother in the pack.
And he had loved his sisters dear, but he was missing something.
Indeed, "Who is like the Lord?"

The older boy would fight his wars with no ally on his side,
Because his sisters stayed at home to sweep the cabin out.
And when a bear did attack the farm the sisters all would squeal,
but no one helped the brother out... he was all alone.
"Who is like the Lord?"

And then one day the mother dear did call her children in,
and tell them how one day near a baby would join them.
She said as to whether boy or girl that was for the Lord,
and as you know, "Who is like the Lord?"

Then one day bright and shiny, the news did come
the news that only the Lord can give.
And off the mother went to fetch the new baby.
The children prayed for safety and for health
And one of them offered up something else.

"Lord who is like you? Who indeed?
You call the deaf and heal the mute,
You gave me six lovely sisters of whom I'm very proud,
But, Lord I would love a brother just now."

And then the phone rang and the father was on the line.
The children listened with excitement and helped their breath,
The sisters smiled, they were safe... mother and child.
And the brother yelled a cheer... his brother wanted to see him soon.

So, off they went in the morning, for news like this can't wait.
They entered the room and gazed upon the babe so sweet.
They whispered praise of his hair and thanks to the Lord,
"Who is like you Lord, Who Indeed?

And so that day was born,
Michael Joseph

Who is like the Lord ?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Driving Tips from Lacie

Erin did this post on her blog, but I loved it so much I had to post on Farm Kids!!

This cat is our tortoiseshell Lacie. I love her, but we all laugh at her color and temperament. Erin started calling her"weirdo" and it stuck!!!

So here you are... Driving Tips from Lacie

#1) Always look behind you before backing up.

And it's a good idea to roll your windows up in some parts of town.

And ALWAYS wear a seat belt.

Kitty Love

Come here little kitty!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things I Hear My Siblings Say


"Here is the church and here are the staples.
Open the door and see all the people"


(Rachel) "Have you seen Erin's pudding?"
(me) "Did you lose her pudding?"
(Rachel) Yes, I can't find it.
(Me) How do you lose pudding?
(Rachel) I don't know.... wait... I FOUND IT!!

I am not positive this is a sane place, but it is where my heart is!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Praise Him

Praise Him, Praise Him, Jesus our Blessed Redeemer

Sing oh Earth his wonderful Love proclaim!!!

Hail Him, Hail Him, Highest Arch Angels in Glory

Praise and Honor Give to His HOLY Name!!

Like a Shepard, Jesus will guide his children.
In His arms he carries them all day long.

Praise Him, Praise Him!

Happy Wednesday!!

In Christ, Jessica

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Sorghum part one

These are the photos I have right now from the second day of making sorghum with our friends. I have photos of the horses working the press, but I have to find them first. So, until then have fun!! And I have more later!!

photography by bo schultz