Monday, July 27, 2009


We go visit friends or go shopping at Sam's Club a lot so...

When we all get in the car and everyone is seated Mommy or Daddy say, "count off!". And we all count off! In birth order (oldest to youngest) we scream the number in which we were born!

I (Oldest Sister) being the oldest go first and yell, "one"! Then Second Sister with two, Third Sister with three, and so on!

It is the best way to insure that everyone is in the car safe and sound. This is great especially on nights when we have stayed late at someone's house and it is to dark to see!

Now you might ask, what about Baby Brother! He is only 16 months old! How does he know to scream eight at the right time? He doesn't. Third Sister or Older Brother who sit on either side of him in the car have to be touching him on the body and then they scream eight!

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