Thursday, July 16, 2009


The dinner table

Jamie (Rachel) learning her lines!
Note: I do have a sister named Rachel, but this one is her name in the movie!

Sarah as (Rebekah)!

Ryan as Nathan Long!
Nathan in a fun mood!

Nathan in a serious mood!
Most of kids in this movie are named after one of my favorite series, The Drums of War. Hence: Nathan, Laura, Andrew, and Sarah!

Rachel (in the movie)


Laura and Lizzy setting up for me!

Three of my seven precious siblings!
I am the first of eight!

Lady King

Tired and sick.
We all have a slight cold!
Most people would think they were bored, but our life is never boring!

Lizzy learning lines!

This is Lizzy's desk when her family moves out of the upper class (gentry) and into the middling class!

Did they have electrical sockets, door stopper thingys, and doors that looked like that? I don't think so!

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Anna said...

I also have read the "Drums of War" series. I liked them too. I don't think that they had door stopper thingys either! :)