Friday, August 7, 2009

Michael is the baby.

But alas he is growing up.

It seems like only recently I could rock him to sleep and now he will not even sit in my lap to read a book.

He would rather I play guns or wrestle with him on the floor.

I love my sweet little brother who likes to make cookies with me
even though he eats more than he helps.

I love my sweet little brother who comes in my room and tears up everything he can get his hands on.

I love my sweet little brother who looks at my violin like "Wow I can't wait 'till I can play that!"

I love you little brother.

P.S The reason there are no pictures is because I could not get the picture thing to work


Bria said...

How sweet! BTW Jess, I am not going to make the sibling blog private if that is why you unsubscribed!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Ok I will sign back up!! if you are sure?

Bria said...

Positive! I am hoping it will become a big ministry.