Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mamma's Fryin the Eggs

Every now and than we have "breakfast for dinner". (It is one of our favorite meals! Breakfast takes on a whole new meaning at dinner time!) Anyway when we do this Mommy always makes whole eggs. She fries them on our big cast iron skillet and they do not take very long at all. She cooks them last of all and right before she sticks them on she calls up to everyone, "I am putting the eggs on!" When she says this we all know that it is time to drop what you are doing, wash your hands, and get in your seat for dinner.

We didn't realize how much of an impression it made on the little ones until the other day!

We were at a friends pool and Mommy asked Sarah to pass the word around to all her siblings, that the last five minutes were up and it was time to go. Sarah responded by throwing her head back and yelling, "Momma's fryin the eggs!" I guess she realized that it meant (in the P family's code) "Time to go RIGHT now!

In our family when we visit people or when we are at church and Daddy wants us all to be ready to leave he gives us, 5 minute warning. This usually means e walks around says our names and when we look at him he holds up five fingers. We all know this means five minute warning. Which also means time to go!

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