Friday, October 16, 2009


Fall is such a great time of year. The cool days and nights, the beautiful color of the trees, the dying of the old life. I love coming in from a walk in the morning, the rosy cheeks, the red noses, and the clear eyes. Everything is better in the fall. Life must die or sleep for the new life in the spring. It is a time of thinking and being creative.
Happy Fall!


Strang Family said...

Love your new background! Hey- we were approved for adoption!!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Great to hear from you guys! I was worried about you all! GREAT news on the adoption! What country did y'all choose?

Strang Family said...

We are doing Ethiopia!! Did you see the movie on the blog??

Check out our farm blog... We awarded you!!

Anna said...


I like your new background!

It has been cold here in the Shenandoah Valley. We have a freeze warning tonight, so we covered the plants.

I am very sorry the lady over at was unable to comment for you. She has not been posting lately for some reason. She usually helped me out when I couldn't figure out something about

Did you figure out some fall crops? I just read about making a small greenhouse out of pvc pipe. I would like to try that one year.

Enjoy the fall!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Hey Anna!

How cold is it up there. We had a freeze last night. I had to cover my herbs!

Don't feel bad about that lady not writing. It was not your fault! People get busy and for get about people they don't know!!! I will check her blog soon and leave a comment!

We have been working on our fall garden! I REALLY want to grow snow peas! They are so good and I love that you can eat them raw. I will go out to the garden and eat them right off the vine! They taste SO good!

Thank you,