Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friends and Family - hiking

Just kidding!
After the hike up the cliff, I mean hill!, we stopped at the cross.
Daddy wished his burden would fall off, like in Pilgrims Progress, but unfortunately Baby Brother and the backpack stayed on!

Baby Brother loved their trains

Lots of Kitties

Second Sister and "Skunk-face"
They named him we didn't

I am NOT killing it! I am being very gentle!


Oldest Brother at the chapel!

Taking a break - a much needed break!

Oldest Brother inspects the great and interesting rock

Everyone stand on the edge of the rock and make the mom's nervous

My sweet brother

The moms and two of their little ones!

We had so much fun with the B Family. There were 17 kids and it was so much fun.
A hike to the top of the mountain, look at the cross and the chapel, and then back down the cliff... I mean trail! It was a trifle steep!!! But we had so much fun.
Don't ask how far it was, because all I got out of them was that it was 20 up and 20 down. Yeah right!

You can't tell, but I am way above them!

Sweet Little Princess
Mommy and Mrs. B- two great moms

We were hiking, so it's a little blurry, but here's Little Sister.
It was a great trail!


Green Gardening Girl said...

Not only was the trail"20" up and "20" back down but don't forget the "20" mile hike to the chapel.

Marcie said...

Where were you hiking? Looks like a great place!

Green Gardening Girl said...

We were hiking at the same camp the ball is at this year. The trail head is actually right behind the auditorium! It was wonderful

Bria said...

So that's when we saw you go to the Boyd's! Y'all hiked to the water tower. It is so gorgeous up there! Great pictures