Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This was the last time that I could hold Maggie now she's to big!

Someone took this while I was getting Maggie to jump for some smoothie, And that was very scary!

Maggie pictures herself Queen of the world!

Isn't she cute?
Westward ho.

Maggie is a good dog everyday when we walk the trail and she gets left behind she runs as fast as she can to catch up with us, and when we hear her coming we yell... " GET OFF THE TRAIL!!!
But she is one of the best dogs.

Posted by Emily


Anna said...

Hello Emily!

Yes, Maggie is cute! We have a black lab. Her name is Kathie. She is 1 year old and full of energy! How old is Maggie?

I placed a link on my blog to yours. I am very sorry that I did not realize that I had not linked to you yet.

Strang Family said...

The last picture of the dog is so funny!!