Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Normal Birthday At Our House

So it is your birthday!!!

You start the day out by everyone singing to you to wake you up! don't have to help make breakfast!

Then before we start breakfast you get sung to again which is always exciting seeing as how not one of us can carry a tune and we all like to sing our own little way for example one person will decide to come in with a simply terrible bass part while another will come in with a ear-piercing-glass-shattering soprano.

You get to open a present at the breakfast table and then you get to take off from chores afterward.

You get to make your own cake and ice-cream -that is if we remember!
And through out the day you get special privileges like no school work,you get to pick the movie if we watch one, get the mail, and so on.

Well then dinner rolls around.

Well your siblings have made a special dinner for you and your Mom&Dad because they are so wonderful -Right Jess?:~)
So you eat with your parents while you listen to the rest of us eat in the kitchen -Yikes!

Well after dinner we all get together for cake and ice-cream and someone says something like "Um... Where's the ice-cream?" Well we forgot to make it!
So we all raid the freezer to look for ice-cream from the last birthday that is one of the good things about being in a big family- the ice-cream was only a few weeks old!
Well we all eat then we move on to the presents!

There are like 50 cameras all taking your picture OK maybe not but it sure seems like it.
Well say you start with a card from your grandparents and you get around 10 dollars,

Michael takes it and wads it in a ball,

Erin tells you that you could get a violin mute,

Daddy rolls over and snores,

Rachel asks what you got,

Jamie takes a picture,

Sarah chases Michael,

Mommy tells Michael to give the money back,

Emily asks how much you got,

And someone shoves another gift in your face.

When its all over you are sad yet glad that your family loves you so much!-Right Jess:~)
And the next morning everything falls back into routine like nothing ever happened until another birthday rolls around!


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