Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel and Erin wrote out resumes for their work on our family business, so here they are in their original format and everything!!! BTW this IS a joke, so laugh and enjoy!

Rachel Wynne 11\23\2009
I graduated from the 8th grad at age 13
I‘am rilly nice and like to talk people some times think I am funny.
I like to run and I’m rilly fast I am a up right christhin and have never been in truboul with the loow.
I have writen some books thou that thay ant never been published
I am clene, nice, fun, swete, helpfoull, funny, kind, geners, and happy.
I was born in 1995AD on November 10th.
All in all I’m the perfiked one
for the job you have for me

Sinserly Rachel

plese sxscus the spellin’.

First name. Rachel
Secend name. (W-i-N)
last name.
any other names. non
age. it’s not plite to ask that
year of birth. 1995
Hite. 5’?
wate. ?? I don’t no but it has three dijets
Intrests. sawing, history sawing,writing, and a tun of other stuf.

Erin Taylor 11\23\2009
I graduated from the 8th grade at age 13
I did well in most subjuckts.
Odviusly I didn’t do very well in spelling of gramer but I did rather well in math, history, writing, siance, and music.
I espesily did well in music.
I play violin and piano.
I have been taking violin lessons sense September maybe?
I can cook and clean rather well but I will NOT scrub your toilets.
I don’t talk on the phone but I well e-mail acshonly I have know idea what profeshion I will choose.

Fill out all the info below
Please print

Name: Erin
Middle: Taylor
Age: 13 years
hight: 5’5”
Waight: Never had any scales to find ont and the nurse would never tell me.
Shoe size: 11
Color of eyes: Green
Color of hair: Blond
# of teeth: 30 something
Intrests: Playing Piano, Playing Violin, Photography, and listining to music

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