Saturday, January 2, 2010

A penny for your laundry

Well, as the saying goes... "A Mother's Love is like Laundry; Always there and always over flowing."

Our laundry is mountains high. ALWAYS! Never is there a time when the laundry person of the month says, "Boy, am I bored! I think I will go read a book." NEVER!!! EVER!!!

There is always laundry to fold. Laundry to wash. Laundry to collect. Laundry to sort. Laundry to dry. Then ditto again.

My wonderful mother (who although a mite tired right now is very wise) came up with the "Dime a Drier Load" idea. VERY simple.

1 Enter the laundry room
2 Think to your self, "today I am going to help NOT hinder"
3 start a load of laundry
4 when you remove the previously washed load from the machine put it into the drier.
5 start the drier (this is a important step)
6 insert one dime into the coffee can on the drier

When we have filled up our can of dimes, we will be sending them to a Romanian Orphanage. Care to join us?

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

We have laundry girls at our home. =)

I do laundry Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sun if needed. My sister trades does the other days. The youngest sister mostly does the folding and delivering... We also have to start at least one load in the morning before 8:30 breakfast (we get up at 6:00am).

We say, "God's love is like the laundry... Ever present and always over flowing". =)