Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Chance of a Lifetime

Here in the South we just don't get snow. Maybe once a year, but rarely. Friday we had one of the biggest snows I remember (16yrs!!) and last night we had another smaller snow.

Well as we are in the middle of producing a film, (more on that HERE) we can never miss the opportunity to film! So, last night at 8:30 we are outside in the wind, snow, and freezing temperatures FILMING!!

I was in a 19th century dress, coat, and shawl. Ryan is dressed in a costume. Rachel is filming. And Daddy and Emily are holding a sheet over a lamp. And did I mention that I was holding a Y2K lamp, our hands are freezing, we had NOT practiced this scene, and Daddy had spilled lamp fuel on his shoe. Not to mention Erin is banging out piano scales for all she is worth and Mommy is canning chili sauce.

All that to say, we filmed a great scene last night...

If you want to see photos I suggest you visit HERE

Have a great day,


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Amanda said...

I hope ya'll enjoyed the snow! We don't get it much here in South Mississippi either!! :)