Thursday, February 25, 2010

Warm Milk Down My Sleeve

Last week we went to a friend's house for dinner.

While we were there their oldest daughter invited myself and Rachel to go milk with her. We jumped at the chance. I have only gotten to milk once before and I loved it!!

We went out talking merrily and thinking all was right with the world!

Well, the cow did not want to be milked.

(Whatever happened to a swollen milk bag and her desperately wanting to be milked?)

She briskly stepped over the fence and "headed west"! After some pleading, hitting, and laughing the three of us got her into the pen. She walked back out.

More pleading, hitting, and laughing.

This time we took her down to the fort and tied her. We then proceeded to milk her. I got to milk a lot and while we milked we talked.

While we talked we strengthened a friendship that is to precious to lose.

I am not a pro at this and so I squirted milk down my sleeve.

Warm milk. Creamy Milk. Milk with no added hormones. Milk from a grass fed Momma cow. Milk that is sweet and fat. Milk that people used to live off of.

Now, a lot of you city slickers probably think milk is not something you want down your sleeve and it's not. If you are talking of the cold white 2% stuff we call milk.

I am not. I am speaking of the warm rich fatty milk. Milk that smells good and is warm on your skin when it goes down your sleeve. That stuff is GOOD!!

After the milking the cow wouldn't go into the pen, she stood on my foot, her baby attacked me, they got in a tussle (baby and momma) and I was attached to the lead rope, and the dog escaped. (What ever happened to the "romance of farm life)?

All in all, I came back to their warm house cold, smelling like a cow and an Anatolian Shepard, sticky with milk, and with a sore foot. But I had LOVED it!!!

I love animals and I love that kind of stuff!! I love being stood on by a cow!! (to a point) It was fun.

If you ever have the chance to walk a cow down a hill. Or to feed her clover from your hand. Or to really milk. Or to pet a baby calf. Or to play with a dog that is almost as tall as you. Jump at the chance!! Grab it and take it because it is a wonderful experience!


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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

LOL! Bethany says, "Try milking a kicking goat sometime"... That sort of speacks for itself. I would add... "Or try milking a goat that likes to sit down while being milked"!