Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Filming With the Boyds

This was SO much fun!! I loved every minute of it!
Sarah - Mrs. Martin - She was wonderful! Her scene where she has to be crying was beautiful. And her lines were flawless.. right Sarah?

Michael - Mr. Woodwind and Mr. Martin - He was at the last minute double cast. He did not know that until literally the last minute!! Well done Michael.

Allie - The Woodwind's maid - Perfect Allie. I love your scene. She was the easiest to work with I think as she did what I asked. She said what needed to be said and she only cracked up once.

Hannah - Mrs. Woodwind - After Hannah giggled her nervesness out of herself she was perfect. She sipped out of an empty teacup more than I could have. She said her lines and smiled. She looked like the perfect married lady.

Caleb - Soldier One - He was wonderful... until he got tickled. I love the blooper where the soldiers take off after the girls. Caleb's hat was dirty so he stayed behind to brush it off!!! He was wonderful.

Josh - Soldier Two - Josh was hilarious, and a wonderful sodier. His ringing cry of, "Stop in the name of the King" is marvelous. When Josh would finally settle down he was great.

Seth and Sam - Soldiers Three and Four - I have to do them together because they were together. They were matching Red shirts and guns. They were perfect. In the movie their comrades get shot and they must run. They did. They ran when they were supposed to and they were sweet about it.

Well done Boyd kids!! However, tell Stephen he is not getting off so easy next time.

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