Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons from the Kitchen Sink

I like washing dishes. If I moan and groan about it, it is only the sheer magnitude of washing dishes for a family of 10. We eat all our meals together at the table, we eat of plastic plates, and we serve our food in beautiful dishes. (Most days ☺)

Anyway, I decided to day that there are many things you can learn from dish washing. The first is gratitude. After that there is salvation and work-ethic. To name a few.

Today is gratitude... I realized while washing the dishes that I could be thankful I have 7 siblings, that we have parents that love us enough to share their life with us, that we have a house, sink, soap, and warm water. (Even though Rachel can not believe I use warm water during July)

What can you be grateful for?


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cvntdaddy said...

6 daughters and 2 sons like you.