Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food for Thought!!!

I found this in a book I was reading the other day. Tears of a Dragon by Bryan Davis the fourth in the Dragons in Our Midst Series. I thought the words were sweet and went well with my dad and brothers. Also my mom and sisters. What do you all think!! Jess

A boy dreams with a sword in his hand. A girl gives him reason to draw it from it's scabbard, and she infuses him with the power to charge into battle.

This book is for every boy, even those who are now wrinkled and gray, who feels his heart race and his spine tingle every time a sword is drawn to conquer an enemy. Although, many of us often feel weak, when our women and children are in danger, we transform into mighty warriors.

This book is for every girl, even those who have given birth to boys and girls of their own, who feels her heart swell when she mends up her wounded man and sends him back out, fully charged and ready for battle for the sake of righteousness. Without you our swords would rust in their scabbards.

...a good man draws his sword for only one reason, to protect his wife and children.

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