Monday, October 4, 2010

Trapped in a Soccer Goal!!!

Saturday when Ryan and Rachel were out in the field playing soccer Ryan thought he saw a bluebird fly into the pipe that holds up the net. Sure he was mistaken, he went back to playing. And then Ryan though he heard something in the pipe. It sounded like something was swimming/thrashing in there. He told Rachel that there was a bird trapped in there. So, they held up Michael and asked him what was in the pipe. He replied that there was just water. But then they thought they heard it again. They ran and got our dad who came out and shook the pipe. Sure enough water splashed, but there was no cheeping etc. that you would expect a bluebird to do. Then the pipe was still... they turned to walk off. Then the water inside the pipe began to splash. By itself.

Daddy pulled the bird out with a stick and a ladle. It sat in his hand and shivered... a perfect bluebird. We fed it sugar water and then off it flew. What a fun experience!!!

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