Friday, November 26, 2010

17 things about me and 20 things I am thankful for

This post is long overdue, but here are 17 things about me and 20 things I am thankful for!

  1. I was the first baby my mom had ever held.
  2. For different reasons, I could have died at birth if not for the doctors.
  3. I love animals of all kinds and I love being around them
  4. I play piano and I love it so much
  5. I play violin and I love it too!
  6. I really love filmmaking.
  7. I started reading when I was three.
  8. I read all the time, I am reading Our Mutual Friend right now.
  9. I love BBC dramas like Bleak House and Cranford
  10. I have green eyes - all of us do except Sarah and Michael
  11. I am right handed - We always wanted to be left handed like our dad, but...
  12. I am left eyed.
  13. I love to cook and make up recipes.
  14. I do not like to speak in public
  15. I am sometimes afraid to do new things, but I Can Do ALL Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
  16. I look just like my dad, especially when he was young
  17. I love my family so much!

Twenty things will come later.

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