Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 24: A movie no one would expect you to love

A movie no one would expect me to love, hmmm....

I love movies of all kinds and I really don't know if anyone would be surprised or not.

I'll list some I have watched recently and you let me know if you are surprised!!!

  1. The Widow's Might (That is SO good)
  2. Night at the Museum 2
  3. Young Victoria
  4. Mandy and the Hidden Tunnel
  5. And Secret Church by David Platt

Well, there you go. Where you surprised?


mandolinpickerjon said...

AH HA!!!!!!! It's WERE! No H! :p finally caught a spelling error! Oh, and no, I was not surprised at any of those. Widow's might is awesome btw. The same people are making a new movie called Ace Wonder.

Green Gardening Girl said...

Oh! Aren't you witty? You are so funny! (Sarcastically)

Yes, Widow's Might is awesome!!! I can not WAIT to see Ace Wonder.

Heather said...

Night at the Museum 2??? REALLY??!??

I'm not sure I can be your friend any more. Only kidding.

We've still not seen Widow's Might - and we want to.