Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Little boys are busy. There is stuff to do, to tear up, to build, and to wash!

Michael is so funny. He is a tiny version of the ultimate little boy, but he will keep you on your toes.

One minute he is wrestling and the next he kisses me and says, "Do you know I love you?"

He loves to read, he will sit for hours while you read to him. "Read me more!"

All the other little ones would usually stay around the house and play. Not Michael, he wants to explore, to build a fort, or run through the field.

He loves to say we are going on a hike. As soon as we start, he wants us to carry him. If we protest he proceeds to tell us how much he loves us! How can you resist?

He can't wait for the blueberries and strawberries to come in!! He loves the chance to eat in the yard.

He is learning at a young age to say please and thank you, to open the door (not slam it) for the ladies, and to behave himself in public. A lot of people say, " boys will be boys". That is true, but train them now that they must also be gentlemen.

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