Thursday, April 7, 2011


Spring is here, the sun is shining warm and radiant in the sky. The shadows are lengthening as the days grow longer and we are able to emerge from the house once again. No longer do we have to bundle up to run outside. No longer do feet have to be wrapped in three layers of socks or coats piled on as we go out to walk for fresh air.

No, instead bare feet run through the grass and smiles drink in the warm sunlight. Toes that have been in socks and shoes all winter come out to feel the damp moist earth and run through the new growing grass. Hands that have been thrown deep into pockets or swaddled in gloves are now free to pick fresh flowers, throw balls, and feel the new bark of young trees.

Smiles that were stiff and red are now fresh with exercise. Running, and playing were pushed outside during the cold. It was to much effort to stay out that long. Your ears hurt. Now soccer balls and frisbees fly through the air. Friends again play, siblings laugh and dance, people all over feel the new life.

The cold is gone, vanquished. Warmth is here. Spring is come.

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