Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Mommy in the World part one

This is only part one because my mommy has a birthday this coming Saturday!!! But until then,
Happy Mother's Day Mommy
from all your kids!!!She is there when we are sick,
she is there when we are sad
she is there when we are happy,
and she is there when we need a hug.

Few women with "careers" can accomplish the following in a day,
start the coffee, yell at the barking dog, wake the kids, get Michael up, supervise chore time, teach Bible, teach math, solve a fight... oh excuse me a disagreement, teach history, take someone to the potty, teach english, teach science, get a snack for the baby, answer the phone, take everyone outside, help feed the tadpoles, talk to her loving husband, decide what would be best for lunch, read to Michael, pass out on the sofa for a few seconds... then piano starts, listen to violin basics and piano scales, garden, weed, get the mail, answer the phone, council someone, bandage someone, feed someone, clean someone, help someone, start supper, clean someone, fold laundry, and then get some well deserved rest!!!!

We love you MOMMY!!!!

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