Monday, May 23, 2011

Filming - Day One

Our first day of filming...!!!! Half over! We are hot, tired, hungry, happy, laughing, and smiling. The Lord has blessed the first part of day one. I will have more pictures later, but for now... I have some pretty little sisters and one cute and handsome brother.

Jamie and Sarah are playing twin sisters Beth and Eliza Howard.
Ryan is playing Josiah Bennett.

FYI is is 83 outside and our costumes are all long sleeves! Thought you might want to know! :)


A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

What cute costumes! Y'all are so creative -- did you make them? Beth says they look like Anne of Green Gables or something.
Happy filming!

Green Gardening Girl said...

Emily! It is SO good to hear from you! We are thinking about you all and talking (I know... shocking that the we are talking!) about you all!.

Rachel made all the costumes! And yes, they are all from "Anne's time"!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...