Monday, June 27, 2011

You Know You Are From A Large Family If....

I ran across these and they were so funny and true that I had to post them.

As she said,  I know it is long, but it is worth it.  I have bolded the ones that rang the closest to home for me!

You know you're from a big family if:
-There are pictures of your family in matching outfits
-You write your name on the bottom of your socks
-You go to the bathroom just to get some "alone time"
-You never say "I'm bored"
-You have valuble negotiating skills and have honed them from a very young age
-You know that just because someone says your sibling's name, it doesn't mean they're not talking to you
-You find creative ways to hide things you want to keep for yourself
-You've seen your mother walking laps around your property so she can get a few minutes of peace & quiet
-You shake your head in disbelief when you hear someone say they've never changed a diaper
-One sibling is getting on your nerves it's okay because you can just go hang out with a different one
-Strangers think that big sister is actually mom
-If you want some ice cream, you don't wait around to get some, because tomorrow it will be gone
-You wouldn't trade the fact that you have the opportunity to make a bunch of best friends that are stuck with you for life!
-You can make a pb & j sandwich in 10 seconds flat
-You go somewhere with another family, and people think it's a youth group - Note: or if you go anywhere period!
-Whenever your family goes out to eat the waiters always have to put tables together for you and when they do it is always in the back corner of the restaurant so as to keep your stereotypically rude family away from their other customers
-People continually comment that you could have a whole basketball team, or even better a baseball team
-Your mom is trying to say someone's name and she's already gone through 6 sibs' names, she probably is trying tor remember yours
-You don’t have a picture of your whole family because every time you get one taken another kid shows up
-You run out of the room when your parents look at you and say someone elses name becuase you know it means you will have to do a job when they remember your name
-You are proficient in cleaning up broken glass and ceramic and you can tell from the sound it made when it crashed whether the item dropped is fine, cracked, or broken
-You can hear a cry and tell whether the child is hurt, angry, sad or throwing a temper tantrum within 3 seconds
-You're walking around a store with little siblings and people assume they're your kids
-People compliment your parents on "how well behaved their children are...just didn't expect that with such a large group"
-You know what the "thirty second rule" is and it's importance
-You can't eat at McDonalds without breaking a fifty dollar bill
-Your family can't fit in a mini-van
-Instead of learning from your own mistakes, you learn from your siblings'
-You are the shyist person in the world, but the loudest in your family
-Other people "don't understand how your mom does it"
-Your family has paid enough overdue fines to fund the building of a new library
-Picky eaters are not tolerated because mom simply does not have the time to prepare different foods for one child
-You go looking to purchase a new appliance and the capacity is the only feature that really matters Note: for us it is the automatic ice maker!
-Everything under the sun is discussed for an hour straight around the dinner table because everyone has to put their two bits in
-You go off to college prepared to savor your independence and get so lonely for your siblings that you have to come home Note: This happens at the grocery store too!
-Your brother leans over your shoulder and corrects your grammar and spelling while you type on this site. (grrr!)
-You smile when people ask how many kids you have because you know when you answer they will repeat the number even more loudly to help themselves hear it
-You can proudly declare you are doing your part to curb human depopulation
-You go to get your picture made and the first thing the photographer says is "no, seriously"
-The invention of the wide-angled lense made your family portrait possible.
-Your mom at one point purchased different colored hangers so she could easily sort the hang-up laundy but eventually had to stop because Wal-Mart only had seven different colors to choose from
-Getting from one side of your living room to the other requires skillfully making it through an obstacle course of toys, coloring books (plus the spilled crayons), school books, extra chairs dragged in from other rooms, and small children
-You've been asked over and over if you're Mormon, Catholic or homeschooled
-You take your driver's license test in a 15 passenger van
-You move away from home, and every time you cook a meal it takes you a week to finish the leftovers
-People are constantly asking you if you are a daycare provider
-You think it is normal to grocery shop at Sam's Club
-It takes a full day to change everyones wardrobe from one season to the next and process all of the hand-me-downs
-You have your own "reserved" pew at church every Sunday
-You shared a room with no less than three people for most of your childhood
-Massive lego wars were an unforgettable part of growing up
-You don't have to go online to get a good six-man table of poker going
-You have to squeeze four people in a row of seats in your van that was only designed to hold three
-You have brothers on four different sports teams at the same time
-Your dad won't buy a snowblower because he knows he has an unlimited supply of expendable labor to shovel the driveway instead
-You're 28 and you still have a few siblings under 6th grade
-You're closer in age to your mother than you are to your youngest brother



cvntdaddy said...

You wish you had a dime for every time you've heard, "Are all these kids yours?"
You learned fractions by dividing food near the end of a meal.

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I'm guilty for the majority of those! And yes we fit four people in the car's seat that fits three and there are currently five sleeping in my room! :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I think I may repost this!

Bria Crawford said...

I don't know if I should be happy or reluctant to say every single one of those goes for out family!
That is HILARIOUS! But to the world it's all just one big circus show. We might as well all have two heads.