Monday, July 18, 2011

Filmmaking Day

Okay, for my Filmmaking post, I will give you an update on the Plants and Pillars Film Festival.  Here are 10 random facts about the Plants and Pillars Film Festival.   READ MORE HERE

  1. As of right now, I have about 21 serious entrants and 5 more "hope to enter" people
  2. The deadline for DVD submission is this Thursday. 
  3. The festival is a month from today
  4. All my siblings have submitted their movie
  5. I have not... why?
  6. My movie seems to be corrupted .  More on that later.
  7. The Festival is going to be TONS of fun!!!
  8. I have four out of state entrants
  9. There is still time to submit something, we would love to have you!
  10. I thank the Lord everyday for the chance to do this!

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