Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Family of Love

Whatch' say?

Hot and sweaty as Rachel adds to our fence. 

Ice cream cones are just a nice way of saying REALLY FUN BIG MESS!!!

Precious Sister

I can't believe this!  I only have 34 olives on my pizza and not 36!!! 

Abbi Howard and her faithful dog!

I love birthdays and I love my daddy, Daddy's birthday.  What could be better?

Troop Assembly.  This is our signal that you are to be completely and utterly silent. 

One cute cute boy scout!!!!

Can I open that for you?

Okay fine, we talk a LOT!!!

Sweet Daddy!

Aravis, the newest addition to our life. 

Hey, where are her legs?

One precious hardworker!!!!


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