Friday, August 26, 2011

My Sister....

Pardon me while I take a short break from Film Festival news and share with you a very funny thing from our family!!!!

  1. In our family we have 3 email address.. I have one for work and friends, Mommy has one and Daddy has one for work.  
  2. Pretty much we all share Mom's.  
  3. Erin has to send emails - to our violin teacher, to Mommy, to me, and to HERSELF!
  4. I have no idea why she sends herself emails. 
  5. Note to self: Pay more attention to Erin in future.  Maybe she feels deprived.
  6. Maybe it's just Erin
  7. Anyway, she made herself a signature for her emails. 
  8. It is as follows:
  9. Erin
    Sent from a regular computer using my mom's email address!
    Note: Any errors in grammar and/or spelling are merely a result of laziness and do not signify a lack of knowledge in those subjects!
  10. She chose this because we would get emails from friends that would say "Sent from my ipod" or "sent from my blackberry"
  11. We have one friend that says, "sent from my andriod... probably with strange typos"
All that to say, I love you Erin and you always keep my life light, happy, cheerful, and never NEVER dull!


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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I noticed that signature on one of Erin's emails! :)

She sounds like my sister, Eden who emails me all the time and signs me up(with my email) for different things~ all to surprise me!