Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Mothering Goes Awry

Picture the sweet family gathered around the table.  All ten people are happily eating their supper.  In a lull in the conversation  (do we ever have a lull in the conversation?) the little gentleman in the corner raises his hand (okay fine, he demands a chance to talk).

Michael: Who made the bread?
Mommy: Emily did. 
Michael: Emily, this bread is awesome.  Very good.

He is so polite.  The mother's heart swells with pride as she gazes at him.  What a gentleman.

Fast forward to the next meal.

Once again, the polite little gentleman demands a time to talk.

Michael: Who made the casserole?
Mommy: Erin made it

At this point, we are happily hoping his manners will shine through once again. 

Michael: Erin did you make this?
Erin: Yes, I did.

At this point Michael opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and pronounces "Bluhhhhhh"!

Oh, surely not!!!!  What happened to the little gentleman happily complementing his sister?

Oh well!  Back to the training board!

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