Tuesday, September 6, 2011

He Said It...

In the midst of planning and recovering from the Film Festival,  I have to make sure that I take time to remember and jot down the memories that still come in our day to day life.  I have to make sure that I journal them so I can hang onto them.

All of my siblings have called me "Gaga" as the grew up.  Don't ask me why.  I have not the faintest idea why.  Jessica to me sounds nothing like Gaga, but I seem to be mistaken on that one.

All of them have been the same.

But... then it happens... the sadness... at one point...

I cease to be Gaga and I become Jessica once again.  One by one all of them have joined the ranks of kids growing up and have discovered how to actually say their oldest sister's name.  Except Michael.  He still calls me Gaga.  I am nothing else.

Until now...

August 18th will be forever etched in memory...

The day of the Second Plants and Pillars Film Festival

and the day my little baby brother called me by my given name.  He said, "Thank you Jessica for the Film Festival."

That little man has a huge vocabulary.  I tell Mommy his vocabulary is larger than he is.  But until that moment, he had never said Jessica.

He hasn't said it since, but I know it's coming.  One precious day I'll be typing here trying to remember what his little voice sounded like when it said, "Gaga, help me please"  or "Gaga, do this for me."

The days will slip by and all to soon I'll be calling him on the phone and listening to him talk.  He'll tell me what he has been doing all day and what he's doing tomorrow.  He'll be 15 and I'll be 30.

One day it'll be over and I'll never hear it again.  My kids will call me Mommy.

Michael, maybe you can call me Gaga once again on my wedding day.  :)  I love you buddy!

Jessica or Gaga


cvntdaddy said...

You can't post things like this! You know I'm left-handed and very sensitive!

Green Gardening Girl said...

You dost maketh me cry...

P.S. I'll call you Gaga if you want me to.

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Love the post, Jess!
I'll be 33 when my youngest brother is 15.