Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For I know, whate'er befall me...

Jesus doeth all things well!

Shoal Creek was a place of happiness, laughter, joy, smiles, hard work, dedication, family values, and good old fashioned hard work.

There were brown cows grazing, little chickens pecking, dogs barking, laundry flapping in the breeze, and children running through the grass.

The Valley was filled with Moms that loved their kids and kept their homes, families that loved the Lord, kids that loved the outdoors and the world God had created, and Fathers that loved their families.

To us, the Valley seemed perfect. A place to visit. To be welcomed to. To be graced with hospitality. To us, the plan was to stay the way we were.

But to the Lord, it is different. He has a great and marvelous plan. One we can not always understand fully. One that is strange to us. One that is sometimes, heartbreaking. But, he holds us in His hand. And he loves us more than we can know.

Now, when you come to the valley it is different. Most of the land marks are gone. Destroyed, vanished, and torn apart. The trees are fallen, the houses are crushed, family land will never be the same. Not quite.

To one of the families, the story of their life will never be the same. They will pick up the pieces and put their lives together, but there will always be a place missing. A hole in their hearts.

A hole for the man that loved them and who they loved. The man who taught them to listen, to work, and to love their life. The man that above all, taught them that God is good and everything is a blessing and has a part in God's plan. Even if it means leaving his precious family.

When Tom Lee lay down his life for his 13 children and his dear wife, he left the earth leaving behind one last servant hearted act, one last legacy, and setting one last example of a true man of God.

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