Thursday, August 23, 2012

Light a Candle Films

One of the sponsors of the 2012 Plants and Pillars Film Festival was Light a Candle Films, a filmmaking company with a unique purpose and a very special film.  Last year, I was honored to place first place in a writing contest hosted by Generation Impact.  The prize for first place was a copy of the new film from Light a Candle Films:  The Battle of Bunker Hill.  My family and I watched the film and loved the new way of telling a great piece of history.  This DVD is the first in a series entitled: America: Her People, Her Stories.  It is the goal of the director and producer, Tony Malanowski  for families to take this film and the resources available on their website, and use them to learn and experience history as it comes alive.  He also hopes that families will take the time to sit back and just watch the film for the sake of watching.  It is a remarkable story in the founding for our country.  

Mr. Malanowski and his family are committed to seeing the great stories of our country come to life on the screen, and we are grateful for their support.  I ask all of you to visit Light a Candle Films's website and drop them a note on the contact form!  

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