Friday, November 2, 2012

It Happened...

I remember lying in the grass and the sunshine... waiting to grow up.

I remember wishing that I was old enough to carry the babies... all by myself.

I remember wishing I could read big books that told big stories... lots of books.

I remember wishing I was old enough to get married and have a family... lots of kids.

I remember knowing that God had a plan for me in the future... one day.

And it happened.

Now, I'm officially in my last year as a "teen"  (even though we don't believe in teenagers, just young adults).  I'm 19 and facing the world ahead of me with fear and joy.

I have started driving... just not on the road yet.  My timid side is still showing.

I am carrying babies around all by myself.  And teaching my sisters and brothers.

I read big books of big stories now and I love it.  Lots and lots of books.

I'm living God's plan for my life.  It's a great plan, a huge plan, a glorious plan, and a wonderful plan!

Read my mom's post.

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Eden said...

Happy Birthday, Jess!