Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Performance!

My sisters and I and our friend Bria were honored to be able to play at a retirement home near us in December.  It was a great experience and very moving.  I strongly recommend that any young musician (whatever you play) consider getting together a group and playing several times a year.  

The elderly are lonely and they love music.  And they love young people.  Their smiles were huge.  We are not perfect by any means and our selection was just hymns and Christmas carols, but they loved it!

And yes, I am wearing glasses!  I was finally able to trace my headaches to farsightedness.  

Erin and I were also able to perform some duets we had learned, and that was great!

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Lindsey said...

How fun! Every now and then I'll play at my Grandmother's Nursing home (and I've played the piano several times at Retirment homes as well) and it is SUCH a great experience. It's so wonderful to bring joy to their faces :)

you look so cute in glasses! Glad you were able to find the problem of the headaches! I have REALLY bad eyesight, but I wear contacts... yes, my secret is out :P