Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Moment

It is that moment.

That moment when all the trust you think you have is tested. 

That moment when she walks off the cliff backwards, and steps down.

That moment when you are laughing with a friend and look up.

Just in time to see her slip.

That moment when she's flipped.  Hanging onto the rope.

That moment when no one knows whether to scream or laugh.

She's like that.  Happy go lucky.  Lives life to the fullest.  Wide eyed wonder.

Now she's serious.  There's nothing she can do. 

That moment when the dads kick into action.  My dad removes his jacket and my heart skips.  There is nothing he can do where he is, here at the base of the cliff.  Realistically, what can he do.  But daddys come when their babies need them.  No matter the distance, no matter the age.

The other dad that holds her rope at the top of the cliff looks down.  His voice changes and my heart skips again.  It's that voice.  Even though I'm not his child, I know that voice.  My dad uses it.  That exceedingly calm, trying to relax voice.

She's to far from the bottom and to far from the top.  Her rope isn't touching the rock.  I didn't know this before Monday, but that's a bad place to be.

All eyes were on her, all hearts praying as one.  "Dear father in heaven.  Don't let her panic.  Don't let the two people holding her rope panic.  Keep her in the harness.  Help her listen to Mr. Scott and stay calm."

"Thank you also, merciful God, that the moms aren't here"

That moment when the coaching and true Erin spirit won out and she regained her feet.  A cheer broke out as she once again came downwards.

That moment when she landed and her grin grew wider.  She had done it!  By God's grace alone - through her calmness and her coach's calmness and her dad's fervent prayers - she did it. 

Life is never without it's moments.  That's why were commanded to be strong and courageous in the Lord.  For that moment.

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Fun Family said...

That Is so sweet! That was pretty fun too when I was hanging there! Mr Scott and Daddy and Davis and I are all pretty cool! Oh yeah, y'all are too!
Love ya!!! Erin