Saturday, August 10, 2013

Film Festival 2013 - Setting Up

We set out all the DVDs the judges returned for people to take home with them.  A great job for little sisters, who can't help with the cords and wires. 

My beautiful sister

My other beautiful sister

And my other beautiful sister

Oh look, another beautiful sister!

This was before I was totally stressed out.  ;-)

Sweeping and looking for our first guests

Setting up the sound system is the crux of the whole day!

A beautiful cake with camcorder that Mrs. Kathy made for us!

100 programs ready for 200 guests!

Yet another beautiful sister!  (wow!)

Rachel took a break to write her book. 

Jamie was SO excited!!!

A very handsome brother to go with my lovely sisters!

These photos were all taken by Emily.  More are coming!!!!

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