Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Waiting House...

We're decorating with soup beans and peas this year.  

Emily helped all the little ones make Apple Turkeys.
(Michael just walked by looking for his wattle!)

The "little" table for the short ones. 

Kate smells the turkey.  She's been like this for an hour.  

The parent's table (for the intelligent conversation)

Emily's writing the names on cups

Which Michael?  We have 3 coming!!!

A stack of cups - ready for company!

Plastic plates and plastic fruit for the kid table. 

Erin got to write "Welcome"

I (Jessica) got to write "War Eagle" 

Beautiful glass on the parent's table.
(no other table gets glass!)

The ongoing theme of beans and peas - now in the tea candles

Big "To Do" list.  Some of us volunteered, so of us were "voluntold"

Since taking this picture, I have done the back sidewalk.  It is now crossed off.  :-)

Off to clean my bedroom for company.  

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