Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being Single!

What singleness does… 

 1. You can never start a statement with “I have something to tell you” because they’ll think you’re seeing someone.

2. If you are sharing exciting news you have to start with, “It’s not about a guy” which then makes the actual news less interesting because everyone wants to be in the know about your love life.

 3. If you hang out with someone of the the opposite sex more frequently people will start to ask “What’s going on?”

4. You can’t post anything love related without people wondering if you’re talking about “someone” specific.

5. You can’t ask if you can bring a friend without people wondering if you want them to meet a “friend”.
6. I bet you are now wondering if I am thinking about all of this because there’s a special someone in my life. Thus proving my point.


Hannah Ashley said...

amen, sister!

Eden said...


Emily told me about this... I thought it was pretty funny... and true !;)

Bria Crawford said...

All're cracking me up!