Friday, February 14, 2014

My Love Letter

To the true loves in my life…

Rachel, for when you beat me terribly at soccer, for when you spin in circles and giggle, and for the long heart to heart walks down our road… I love you.
Erin, for the entertaining violin and cello duets, for the times you have chased chickens in the rain with me, and for the times you have cheered me with your unending good humor… I love you.
Emily, for the times you have tricked me to make me laugh or held me while I cried, for turning our bedroom into an art gallery of hedgehogs and penguins, and for just being there for me… I love you.
Ryan, for being the brother I prayed for, for encouraging me to run farther and try harder, and for demonstrating how to correctly throw a football… I love you.
Jamie, for helping me care more as you change from kid to young lady, for being my dance partner for the foxtrot, and for being a big sister to your younger siblings… I love you.
Sarah, for your adorable giggle when I tickle you, for running barefoot in the yard chasing chickens, and for your good attitude about life… I love you.
Michael, for your undying humor that makes me laugh, for your ability to try anything and land on your feet, and your uncanny knack for knowing when I need a hug… I love you.
Mommy, for being my confidant, best friend, and mom rolled into one, for showing me that motherhood is hard, but definitely worth it, and for showing me how to be more in love 24 years later, than the day you got married… I love you.
Daddy, for always being there when I have a question, for showing us how Christ loved His bride, and for setting the standard and raising the bar for what he will have to be to win my heart… I love you.
I love you all dearly.
Happy Valentines Day,


Bria Crawford said...

You are making me cry over here! That is so precious Jessica. Your love touches those who have the blessing of being your friend.

cvntdaddy said...

Thank you. That is such a sweet Love Letter. Thank you for your love for your brothers, for your sisters, for your mother and for me. I love you too.

Fun Family said...

Sarah, Michael and Mommy love you too. We love how you read to us, and play with us. Mommy loves you most for making her a Mommy first!