Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday Year

Birthdays are days to be celebrated!!!  Birthdays are not the day you become a person, that happened 9 months ago.  And they aren't the day your family starts to love you, that was when the world was created.  But they are the day your family gets to meet you and the day you take your first breath.  So it's a good day to celebrate!!!

Starting tomorrow, we're going to do a happy birthday post for the next year of Pritchett birthdays!!!

Can you guess who's birthday is tomorrow???


Beth Anne said...

OOOH! Can I guess???? :) Happy birthday Mr. Pritchett!!!

Beth Anne

Eden said...

Wait... is it a persons birthday or a blog birthday?? ;) haha

Fun Family said...

Good job, Beth!!! :-)

You're up to date on Pritchett trivia!

Eden said...

Hey Jess, you've been tagged on my blog!

Mr. Prichett's Birthday? That's really close to my dad's birthday! (the 13th)