Monday, October 13, 2014

Days Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven

Can you tell I've been a little busy?  :-)  But here we go, doing a little catch up!  This has been fun, by the way, just had a hard time getting it in.

Day Eight:  What is your least favorite animal?
My least favorite animal is the cockroach.  Nasty little things.  I will pick up or touch pretty much any creeping, flying, slithering, hopping, crawling, walking, or swimming creature... but I cringe at the thought of cockroaches!  

Day Nine: If you were skipping one meal a day for a week, which meal would it be?
This was a debate between breakfast and dinner... because lunch is my favorite meal.  :-)  And I think it would be dinner.  I can't skip breakfast because of my energy level, but I can (and do) exist without dinner. 

Day Ten:  What's your favorite thing to make for lunch?
Taco salad!  I love taco... anything!  In a wrap, with chips, with sides, with refried beans, in a crockpot.  Warm, hot, cold.  I'm good with Mexican food.   (or our American version of it!)

And Day Eleven: What's the scariest thing you've ever done?
Walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid last October.  I was shaking so badly, I thought I was going to fall down!  I shook the whole time I was up there, and about collapsed when I got off the stage!  And I get to do it again this December - in 8 weeks!  Pray for me!  :-)

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