Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's Hard to Type One Handed!

Question catchup... still getting used to the cast!  :)

What's your family's favorite animal?
Several people in my family would deny being "animal people", but I guess we all love dogs - some more than others!  :)  I'm glad to be around almost any kind of animal, but dogs are pretty wonderful!

What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?
Wow.  Tough question!  Probably opening the very first Film Festival.  Looking out across the room and realizing that God had brought it to fruition.  All the blood, sweat, and tears my family and I had poured into it was worth it.  

What has been your best moment (so far) this year?
Testing the mic before the Film Festival this year.  The church is quiet and empty, waiting in anticipation for the people coming in 2 hours.  Standing on the stage and speaking into the mic, hearing my voice echo through the building makes it become real!!!  That's when I get excited!  

Biggest lesson learned while you were 20?
Wait on the Lord, be still and know that he is God.   Wait and trust his plan.  When things don't work out, plans fail, friendships struggle, people aggravate you, your faith is tested, and it just seems too much.  Just wait on him.  Be still - feel the peace that passes all understanding - and know He is God.

Given the opportunity to travel the globe, making as many stops as you wish over 6 months, where would you go?
Well, as I've mentioned, I'm a homebody... but here are some stops I would make (in no particular order)!   England, Scotland, Ireland, Liberia, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Quebec, and Puerto Rico.

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