Monday, July 25, 2011

Firetruck Numbers

"That is my photo with the hands and the Firetruck Numbers."

The previous statement was made by Michael at the supper table.  He said it with a touch of pride in his voice as he gazed at the painting.  

Let me add some details and let you know why I had to hide a grin. 

  1. He is just so cute. 
  2. Firetruck means red.
  3. Numbers can mean numbers or letters, as it strikes him. (in this case it is letters)
  4. And last, but not least, He did NOT paint that picture.  Those are not his hands or his firetruck numbers. 
Did I break this sad news to him?  Did I tell him the ugly horrible truth?  

Nope.  He is just to cute and he will only believe his own stories for a little bit longer.  The world is tough and too soon he'll find out he has to paint his own pictures to get credit. 

But for now...  "I love your hands and firetruck numbers Michael!"


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