Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Picture Post!

With Ryan in Boy Scouts, the interest of scouting, camping, hiking, and caving has grown among my younger siblings.  The other day Ryan as the scoutmaster, took Troop 18 into the woods to camp and hike.

When they came back, Michael prayed at lunch that "Ryan would take me into the woods to camp in the little ditch again!"  I think he had fun!

Be Prepared!
Ryan pitched this tent for his troop on the trail in our woods.  

Native Wildlife - what kind is it?

Troop 18 preparing for departure

Scoutmaster leads them in devotions

I think she is already an Eagle Scout!

She is a tenderfoot!

The Way to Cool Scout master

Panther Patrol and Gator Patrol

Troop Assembly

Why am I here?

Again, why?

Scoutmaster has a great photo-op

Too cute!!!!

Troop 18 prepares for the hike

Sweet Smiles

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