Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cold Weather

As the days grow shorter, colder, and the fire seems more cheery inside... we have come up with a lot of interesting past times!!!   We also enjoyed some sunny weather on Saturday.  But on Sunday, Monday, and most of today... the rain continues to come down. 

So we went roller skating!!!  Well, just Michael.  He also discovered that your baseball helmet is the best thing for skating crashed.  That helmet is one of those things where it disappears and you think it's gone, but then in REAPPEARS!!!!

I really have not the faintest idea what they are looking at.  Is it a bug?  A snake?  Superman.

Sorry.... I couldn't resist!  :-)

The ongoing saga of the book shelves.  It involved a lot of time, effort, sweat, and planning for Erin to finally get her birthday gift from Rach.

Michael was sick for a day.  :-(

Well that's all for today!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

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