Friday, November 11, 2011

A Month of Photos!!!

Hey everybody,  I hope we still have readers out there who are ready for a picture heavy post!!!!  We have been doing school, hosting friends, and preparing for winter.  If it wasn't for my friends (our REAL flesh and blood friends not the "facebook type" friends) I wouldn't keep posting on this blog.  But, because of you Farm Kids in Crocs is up and running still today!!!! 

Here in the South, you really have no idea what your weather will be like.  :)  On Wednesday I found out that a friend in Connecticut had been snowed in.  Their friends had power out for 9 days.  At that point in reading her email, I looked down at my bare feet and realized that we could never move any farther North than we are now.  We would FREEZE!!!  We love our warm weather.... just not the hot weather.

With that said, the month of October flew by.  One day it was green, and warm, and the flowers were blooming.  The next breath I took I was 18, the month was over, it was only 10 days until Rach and Erin's birthday and... you get it!

Here are the photos from October at our house!!!


We added a shed for bikes and lawn equipment behind the barn.  Sarah and Emily eat their lunch up there now!

"Are you taking my photo?"

To cute for words!

Chocolate on his mouth, a boot on his hand, and a song in his heart.

At Cheaha State Park after our 5 mile hike for Boy Scouts

What a pretty lady

Mickles didn't do a lot of hiking!

A Scientist

You should have an Eeyore and Tigger to unwind from a long day!

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